This Is My Partner's Page We Had Workred Together On This Page And I Helped Her With Her Page So Check Out Her Page If YouThink My Page Is Boring Or when You Are Done Looking At My Page..................Basiclly It Is The Other Part To My Project So Hope You Enjoy So Enjoy.............CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY BESTIES SITE/THE OTHER HALF TO MY SITE = )
**** This Is A Game About The Y-intercept & Slope I Really Liked The Game It Helped Me On The Topic Alot So  I Hope It Can Help  You    ......Enjoy Just Click On This Sentence To Play The Game.****
****This Is Raping About Math And It Is Really Funny So Take A Look****
****This Is A Good Example On A What Linear Eqution Is****
****This Is A Website To Teach You About Math And Isnt  BORING Trust Me****   JUST CLICK THIS SENTENCE TO YOUR FUN LEARING EXPRESS................
****This Is The Math PlayGround With Alot Of Math Enjoy
Just Click This Sentence To Try It Out****

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